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In various industries you can rely on precision from KSG Spreitzer. We offer highest delivery reliability of turned and milled parts for your project. In construction of field milling machines, rack railways and many other engineering projects: Technology from KSG Spreitzer has a wide range of applications.

Mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical engineering thrives on precision. Components with high availability as well as the best form and position, smooth-running, sealed valves and smoothly running threads. KSG Spreitzer supports mechanical and plant engineering with precision and expertise in machining.

Are you constructing a new part of a machine or are you concerned with reducing wear? The experts of KSG Spreitzer help you to choose the optimal materials and manufacturing processes.


Process and control technology

One of the most demanding industries for turned parts: Control engineering – also in the process industry. Innovation from KSG Spreitzer eliminates unwanted parameter changes in advance. An enormous advantage in the construction of control systems.

You need parts for a control system and have questions about the design and material selection? Rely on the expertise of KSG Spreitzer. We are there for you.


Construction industry

The statics of buildings depend on precisely defined geometries as well as tensile and compressive strengths. In this way we make an important contribution to the safety and reliability of components.

You need information on the producibility of your geometries or on the characteristics of our materials, please contact the experts of KSG Spreitzer.


Vehicle construction

Precision, modern materials, best surface quality – components from KSG Spreitzer are used in various vehicles. From agricultural vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles to trucks, you can rely on our expertise.

You need information about a material or your special shape of a workpiece? We are there for you.


Energy supply

The energy sector is a growing industry at KSG Spreitzer. We manufacture current-carrying elements as well as relevant components for generator technology and the gas industry.

Trust in the expertise of KSG Spreitzer. With precision and the best materials we help you to get on with your projects.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Reliable materials, chemical resistance, long lifetimes – components from KSG Spreitzer are used in a wide variety of applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Whether your production goods are abrasive or extremely hot, we are at your disposal with expertise from many decades.

You need information about a material or your special shape of a workpiece? We are there for you.


Your contact person

The experts of KSG Spreitzer are there for you. We help with the selection of materials, advise on the feasibility of complex shapes and support you with logistics.

Mr. Bernd Spreitzer
Phone: +49 74 26 / 9 40 01-15

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